Moschino Couture Early 90s Embellished Burgundy Velvet Jacket

This Moschino Couture jacket from the early 1990s is a stunning embodiment of the brand's signature whimsy and bold design. Crafted from luxurious burgundy velvet, this piece is richly textured with an intricate ruched pattern throughout, giving it a plush and opulent feel.
Adorning the jacket are numerous eclectic embellishments, including faux berries, leaves, and various trinkets, all meticulously attached to the velvet fabric. These playful details add a touch of Moschino's renowned humor and creativity, making the jacket not only a statement piece but also a celebration of the brand's unconventional aesthetic.

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Fits S

Measurements (inches)
Chest 17.5
Sleeve length 23
Length 17

Good vintage condition