Givenchy Couture by Alexander McQueen Fall 1999 Black Suit

A fin de siècle collection of Givenchy under a creative direction of Alexander McQueen, Fall-Winter 1999 presented a myriad of cyber inspired futuristic looks. But with all the wearable microchips and glowing space suits, a strict tailoring for femme fatale was still one of the main highlights of the collection. Basic monochromatic suits of perfect silhouettes proved to be timeless in the hands of a great designer.
This stunning Fall 1999 couture blazer and skirt suit is an example of an impeccable craftsmanship and attention to details. The horizontal lines running along the jacket not only create a unique visual shape, but also hide the buttons. A midi skirt fits perfectly and completes the silhouette of the blazer in the best way possible. The suit is made of 100% wool and a soft lining that makes it comfortable to wear.


Chest 16.5
Sleeve length 24 inches
Length 24 inches
Waist 27.5 inches
Length 24 inches