D&G Fall 2003 Runway Pinstripe Capri Pants with Suspender Clips

Business wear but make it fun! D&G Fall 2003 collection had us all covered. Whether you are going to a party after a long day in the office or you don’t work at all, these D&G runway pinstripe capri pants are perfect for any look. Having a crazy but still a very wearable fit, they are actually folded on the sides and secured with the clips of two intersecting suspenders at the waist. There’s the same suspender on the back and one on each leg, the right one is neon pink. Both legs have pockets at the edges.
The coolest part is that these pants can fit anyone and styled in any way possible, because the suspenders are actually removable and adjustable. But what’s even cooler is that the fashion icon Missy Elliott wore the suit with the same pants to the Vibe awards in 2003.  


Waist 31inches
Inseam 23 inches