Paco Rabanne Spring 2001 Runway Chain Mail Bag

A chain mail in fashion will always be a distinctive identity of Paco Rabanne, a designer that used unusual materials to create his iconic futuristic space-age couture pieces. The timeless pieces made in a chain-link technique look contemporary, whether they come from the 60s or are reinterpreted for the current collections.
Imagine it being larger and multicolored! This is the kind of chain mail that Paco Rabanne used for the accessories of his Spring-Summer collection. The show was full of perfect summer pieces that have the brand’s unique identity.
The bag featured in one of the runway looks of this collection is made of metal elements and has a green fabric layer inside. A beautiful rare piece made in a timeless technique!

Measurements (inches)
Handle 11
Bag 15 (without handle)

Good vintage condition