Paco Rabanne Chain mail Necklace and Bracelet Set

A chain mail in fashion will always be a distinctive identity of Paco Rabanne, a designer that used unusual materials to create his iconic futuristic space-age couture pieces. The timeless pieces made in a chain-link technique look contemporary, whether they come from the 60s or are reinterpreted for the current collections. 
The house signature silver chain mail was also used in the accessories and jewelry. This set of a silver-tone long wrap necklace and a bracelet consists of rows of interlaced metal discs, fastened together by metal rings. There are also metal black spheres between the discs, that look like some futuristic pearls. The bracelet has a branded lobster clasp in the form of the main chain element.

Full Length 50 inches
Length 8.5 inches (with clasp)
Width 1.5 inches