JC de Castelbajac Fall 2008 «No Smoking» Top with Detachable Belt

A true artist of fashion, Jean Charles de Castelbajac brought fun and joy to every show and every piece of clothing he created. Mostly known for the bright memorable outfits worn by big stars including Madonna, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga, Castelbajac enriched the industry with some of the coolest museum worthy pieces of art.
Bold colors, extraordinary designs and hilarious puns are the main ingredients of a classic JC de Castelbajac collection, and his Fall-Winter 2008 show is a great example of it. Called «Once upon a time», this collection was telling a fascinating story with the help of prints, accessories and styling.
One of the pieces from the runway, the inverted blazer is for sure telling a story with the funniest «NO SMOKING» print on it. We have a red version of this piece with a contrasting black elastic waist that can be unzipped and detached. There are cartoonish trompe-l'œil details of a smoking made with a shiny thread on the back and the sleeves of the top. The collar is made of black silk which makes it look even funnier. The «No Smoking» phrase is supposed to be on the front with an open back, but everyone can choose their own way of styling this piece, and that’s the main beauty of it.

Fits S

Chest 15 inches
Sleeve length 25 inches
Length 20.5 inches
Detachable belt length 27 inches

Good vintage condition