Jean Paul Gaultier Trompe L’œil Tattoo Dress with Blue Fringe Detailing

Jean Paul Gaultier iconic ‘Cyberbaba’ Spring 1996 collection was a wildly eclectic mixing of moods. One of the most memorable collections, it gave us a lot of prints and ornaments that are still very valuable and recognisable. No doubt, Gaultier’s tromp l’œil is a superb workmanship and one of his main trademarks.
This tromp l’œil ethnic motif tattoo print was part of the Spring 1996 collection, and was later used in the Soleil line pieces, looking as impressive as the ones on the runway. The print also made headlines last year when Tina Kunakey was honouring her mother by wearing her Gaultier dress while being pregnant.
This Soleil line tank top dress in trompe l’œil tattoo print with a layer of blue fringe detailing is made of stretchy mesh material. The dress has a waistline that allows a more comfortable wear and creates a flawless silhouette.


Chest 13.5in
Waist 25in
Length 38in