Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2008 Tree Branch Heel Knee-high Shoes

Emanuel Ungaro Fall 2008 collection was Esteban Cortazar’s first show for the brand. The designer created a very fresh collection, yet a very different one. Soft silhouettes, pastel colours, earthy tones - this collection was for sure inspired by mother nature. Shoes were obviously playing a huge part in creating the whole mood.
A faux tree branch heel is something that would surely grab our attention and become an Instagram meme today. As seen on the runway in almost every look, these shoes made in green tones are minimalistic and basic from the front. That’s why we love another variant with two additional levels even more. A knee-high zipped up option looks both very sexy and cool, especially in a monochromatic grey colour. Looking like a real tree branch the heel is actually made of plastic and is very light.


Heel 5.5 inches