D&G Fall 1999 Blue Faux Fur Jacket and Skirt Set

Presenting a successive line collection in a way traditional Maisons do for their couture lines is already a statement, but also a witty way of promotion. D&G fall-winter 1999/2000 was a very casual youthful collection, full of bright colors, hand-made appliqué, deconstructed jeans, micro skirts, knitwear and contrasting tights that accompanied almost every look. It was especially funny how the models languidly descended the stairs, and slowly showed off their outfits, passing from room to room past the typical snobby fashion audience, that were writing something down in their notebooks. 
Despite this deliberate contrast, the collection was really a memorable one, and many runway pieces deserve their own moment. This bright blue faux fur set was divided into two separate looks on the runway (in yellow), but we love the jacket and the skirt styled together even more. There are also dark denim inserts on the pockets, cuffs and waist to make the set look even more casual and cool. 

Fits S

Chest 16.5
Sleeve length 22 inches 
Length 16 inches
Waist 33 inches
Length 12 inches