Moschino Jeans Fall 1996 Slot Machine Bomber Jacket

Moschino’s 1990s collections featured a fusion of pop culture references, vibrant colors, and bold prints. Franco Moschino's signature style included the use of oversized accessories, trompe-l'oeil techniques, and witty slogans or graphics on garments.
The Moschino Jeans Fall 1996 bomber jacket, an iconic piece of its time, featured a vivid "slot machine" print initially showcased during the brand's Menswear fall 1996 runway. However, its lasting memory is undoubtedly tied to Lil' Kim's 1996 photoshoot, cementing its place in fashion history. This zipped-up jacket boasts branded buttons, two pockets, and a distinctive fur collar.

40 (IT)
Fits S

Measurements (inches)
Chest 20.5
Sleeve length 22
Back length 17

Good vintage condition