Jean Paul Gaultier late 90s Stained Glass Angel Print T-shirt

Throughout his career, Jean Paul Gaultier often referenced the traditions of the Catholic Church. Though sometimes he treated religion in some very provocative ways, many of his pieces were inspired by the beautiful decorative elements and became real works of art. The « stained glass » motif is for sure one of the most frequently used of these elements. And in the hands of Gautier, divine drawings on glass turned into incredibly beautiful embroidery and prints never before seen.
One of these beautiful pieces, late 90s Gaultier Jean’s T-shirt features a stunning kaleidoscope image of an angel on a stained glass. The combination of different shades of blue creates the impression of light breaking through the tall stained glass window of some ancient Catholic church. This is the real magic of the designer - to make us feel and see something beautiful in an ordinary piece of clothing.

Fits S-M

Chest 14.5in
Sleeve length 5in
Length 19.5